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Electric Arc Furnace


Steelmaking electric arc furnace is divided into normal power high power and ultra high power according to matched power. It also can  be divided into independent foundation, conjoined foundation, large pivotal bearing and four connecting link structure by roof rotating  mechanism. There are left operation and right operation types for user’s selection. According to the loading method, it can be divided into

horizontal continuous feeding type electric arc furnace and furnace lid rotating top-opening feeding type electric arc furnace.The electric  arc furnace consists of furnace body, furnace roof, tilting device, furnace lifting & rotating device, electrode lifting device, water-cooling  device, hydraulic device, furnace transformer, secondary busbar, HV cabinet, LV electric and automatic control system etc, Capacity of  EAF manufactured by our company is 10t-220t.


   1. Used for scrap melting, decarbonization, dephosphorization, desulfuration, deoxygenation  and molten steel heating etc, for melting steel of different grades and components.  2.Partial hot metal charging or charging pig iron, sponge iron (DRI) and hot briquetted iron (HBI)

   3. Additional charging during the melting process and primary alloying process.


1.Refractory material saving due to the water cooled roof and water cooled panels.
2.Slagless tapping and tapping temperature reducing result from EBT.
3.Impendence of large current reducing due to the cooper and steel composited conductive arm and large section water cooled cable.
   4.Power consumption for per ton of steel and smelting period are reduced due to adopting furnace door C-O lance and furnace wall coherent  oxygen lance.
5.Fume collection rate is increased due to adopting furnace roof fourth hole and other fume discharging methods.
   6.Scrap steel continuous charging and preheating system could be applied thus save energy, reduce consumption and improve smelting  efficiency.
7.Raw material (DRI, HBI), lime and alloy automatic charging system could be equipped.
8.Equipped with advanced PLC control system and smelting model

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