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Research & Development

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Design and manufacturing capability:

Steelmaking electric arc furnace: the main  equipment for smelting scrap steel, currently widely used  three-phase AC arc smelting, there are three kinds of  power configuration of ordinary power, high power and  ultra-high power, rated capacity from 1.5t to 150t.

Ladle refining furnace: including LF, VD, VOD,  VAD, RH and other furnace types, the most commonly  used is LF ladle refining furnace, rated capacity from 10t to  300t.

Submerged arc furnace:  mainly includes  ferrosilicon furnace, ferromanganese furnace,  ferrochromium furnace, ferronickel furnace, calcium  carbide furnace, industrial silicon furnace, etc. The power  is from 6300KVA to 48000KVA.

Our company’s staffs had led the cooperation projects  of the original Pengyuan Electric Furnace with famous  manufacturers such as VAI of Austria, AICHELIN, ELKEM  of Norway, CLECIM of France, SMS-DEMAG of Germany,  DANIELI of Italy and TENOVA etc. The above  cooperation projects all represented the national  manufacturing standard of China large-scale electric  furnaces in different historical periods; They also  participated in the implementation of the original  Pengyuan Electric Furnace Vietnam SSC 250,000 tons  annual output of steel-making stage I and II project,  Vietnam HOAPHAT 350,000 tons annual output of steel-  making project, Vietnam HTP 500,000 tons annual output  of steelmaking project, Bangladesh AKG first stage 1.3  million tons annual output of electric furnace steelmaking  technology and steel plant design project, Russia TEMPO  company 500,000 tons annual output of rebar steel plant  complete metallurgical equipment project.

Through the above projects, our company's staffs  have introduced, absorbed, digested, and improved several  foreign electric furnace technologies, and have grown into  a modern and professional manufacturer of electric  furnaces that integrates product design, manufacturing,  installation, commissioning, personnel training, and  project completion.

Our company will further rely on science and  technology, create new products, dedicated service,We  warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit,  investigate, communicate and cooperate!

Shenda Electric Co.,Ltd.

More than 50 engineers are working in R&D center, which are come from all over China, most of them with  10+ years  experienced in transformer industry.

 SHENDA importing the technology of 330kV and below transformers successfully since 2003 , which include design , specifications for manufacturing transformers, instructions for manufacturing transformers, a complete set of technology documents for testing and design calculation software including optimizing design calculation for transformers, calculation of transformer leakage flux and short-circuit mechanical strength, calculation for distribution of transformer leakage flux, calculation of section pie-shaped coils process & pie-shaped coils process, and measurement of coil temperature.

   SHENDA has formed its own technology characteristics by absorbing and assimilating advanced technology, the iron adopts the advanced 45o total –oblique connecting seam, upper iron yoke non-folding to reduce the no-load loss; adopt advanced core column tightening device to reduce the noise further; the winding adopt combined lead and transposition lead to reduce the additional loss; calculation accurately the impulse features of electric filed and winding to ensure the excellent electric property and impulse intensity.

  All the technology indices are taking the lead in China

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